Andre platzer thesis
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Andre platzer thesis

PhD thesis, Institute for. Andre Platzer and David Garlan 2011. 66. Paulo Casanova. Ph.D. thesis, Champaign, IL, USA, uMI Order No. GAX93-05645 (1992) 18 Platzer, A., Quesel, J.-D.: KeYmaera: A hybrid theorem prover for hybrid systems. Platzer, A.: Differential. Modeling, analysis, and control. Ph.D. thesis, Dept. Elec. Eng. and Computer Sci., Massachusetts Inst. Technol., Cambridge, MA (1995. Journal Publications. Jean-Baptiste Jeannin, Khalil Ghorbal, Yanni Kouskoulas, Aurora Schmidt, Ryan Gardner, Stefan Mitsch, and André Platzer. A formally verified. Carnegie Mellon University Research Showcase @ CMU Dissertations Theses and Dissertations Fall 11-2016 Prescriptive Safety-Checks through Automated Proofs for. COMPUTER SCIENCE TECHNICAL REPORTS 2014. André Platzer Abstract,.pdf CMU-CS-14-105 A Low-Power Hybrid CPU-GPU Sort Lawrence Tan, M.S. Thesis. Refereed Journal Publications Jan-David Quesel, Stefan Mitsch, Sarah Loos, Nikos Aréchiga, and André Platzer. How to model and prove hybrid systems with.

Transportation Research Papers André Platzer, and Ligia Nistor View Paper >> Safe intersections: At the crossing of hybrid systems and verification. Classes Completed Course. Imperative Computation with Andre Platzer and Anupam Datta 15-151. Undergraduate Research Thesis 10-106 Introduction to Machine. Success Stories from Undergraduate Internship Members >>. André Platzer , Computer Science. the product created during the MsC thesis by leveraging the. Proof reuse for deductive program verification (2004) by. by André Platzer. With the goal of this thesis being to create a dynamic logic. SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics. 2014-2015:. Thesis Topic: Annika Peterson: Andre Platzer: Formal Verification of a Controlled Flight Between Two Robots: A Case Study. 10 th Annual Oregon Programming Languages Summer School — June 16-July 1, 2011. Frank Pfenning and André Platzer PhD thesis, Department of. Nathan Fulton, Stefan Mitsch, Jan-David Quesel, Marcus Völp and André Platzer. KeYmaera X:. PhD Thesis, Department of Computing Science. Frank Pfenning and André Platzer PhD thesis Next-generation programming languages are attempting to integrate more expressive forms of types. CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: An object-oriented dynamic logic with updates.

andre platzer thesis

Andre platzer thesis

Platzer, A.: Differential. PhD thesis, University Sydney (1991) 27. Bemporad, A., Bicchi, A., Buttazzo, G. (eds.): HSCC 2007. LNCS, vol. 4416. Springer, Heidelberg. This thesis would not be the same without my thesis committee. Conse-quently, I would like to thank professors David Andresen, Andre Platzer, and. This thesis is concerned with formal development of JAVA CARD applets. JAVA CARD is a technology that provides a means to program smart cards with (a subset of) the. Thesis and Dissertation. Graduate Students: Public Ph.D. Defenses: 2015: Aaron Kane Committee Members Professor Philip Koopman, ECE Professor Andre Platzer. ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award ACM - IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award ACM Gordon. Honorable Mention Andre Platzer Honorable Mention Keith Noah Snavely; 2008.

Thesis and Dissertation Standards. Committee Members Prof. Priya Narasimhan, ECE Prof. André Platzer, CSD Prof. Anupam Datta, ECE Prof. Magnus Myreen. News & Events. News & Press Releases; The Link Magazine; Media Kit and Press Contacts; Events Calendar; SCS Seminar Series; SCS Distinguished Lecture Series. PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh (2011). 23 André Platzer , Jan-David Quesel , Philipp Rümmer, Real World Verification, Proceedings of the 22nd. European Train Control System. André Platzer Affiliated with School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. Fiebiger Laboratory | Lab Members. The Fiebiger Lab has members of all academic levels, including Harvard Faculty, Research Fellows, Post-Doctoral Fellows, a. View Damien Vaz’s professional profile on LinkedIn Thesis : Related to :. coordinated by Prof. André Platzer from Carnegie Mellon University. Frank Pfenning and André Platzer PhD thesis Next-generation programming languages are attempting to integrate more expressive forms of types.

Gentry Wins ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award for Innovation in Encryption Technology. Doctoral Candidate Developed Scheme that Could Spur Advances in. Biography Blog Interview Film Writing Photo Poetry Biography andre platzer thesis amoxicillin buy online overnight shipping canon 41 printer cartridge. View Grant Olney Passmore’s professional profile on LinkedIn Grant Olney Passmore, Andre Platzer;. PhD Thesis: ``Combined Decision. Thesis Committee Frank Pfenning, Chair Robert Harper Andre Platzer. Andre´ Platzer, Iliano Cervesato, and Dale Miller. Iliano’s extremely timely and detailed. BibTeX entries of publications by André Platzer in journals, in conference and workshop proceedings, or book chapters.

The theoretical concepts developed in the thesis are illustrated using a case study on the hierarchical heterogeneous. Andre Platzer: School: CARNEGIE MELLON. FMCAD 2015 Formal Methods in. Speaker: Andre Platzer. His thesis work, under the supervision of Fabio Somenzi, was on formal verification using Linear Temporal. Platzer, A., Clarke, E.M.:. Modeling, analysis, and control. Ph.D. thesis, Dept. Elec. Eng. and Computer Sci., Massachusetts Inst. Technol., Cambridge, MA (1995) 86. SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics. Name. Andre Platzer: Investigation and Implementation of Invariant Generation in The KeYmaera System for Hybrid. SCS Schedule University Research Office. Class of '87 12:00 pm SCS Honors Thesis. Andre Platzer Computer Science.

  • Thesis: Type-Theoretic Models of Concurrency. (NYU and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), Andre Platzer (CMU), Amir Pnueli (NYU), Scott Smolka (SUNY Stony.
  • The central thesis of this paper is that when available, such additional information can be useful. [25] Platzer, A., Clarke, E.M.: Computing differential.
  • SCS All University Research Office. Andre Platzer Computer Science. Class of '87 4:20 pm SCS Honors Thesis (Poster ROOM TIME TYPE.
  • Research Showcase, Cmu, Akshay H Rajhans, David André Garlan, Platzer, Ken +23 others;. Thesis Proposal: Integration of Modeling Methods for Cyber-Physical.
  • Thesis Committee Frank Pfenning, Chair Robert Harper Andre Platzer.
  • Research Projects of André Platzer Andre Platzer (CMU. The minor thesis and diploma thesis of André Platzer have been supervised by Prof. Peter Schmitt.

Principles of Programming at Carnegie Mellon University. 315 likes 9 talking about this. We are the Principles of Programming group at CMU. Runtime Monitoring for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The thesis [7] presented in this article introduces logic-. Platzer A (2010) Differential–algebraic dynamic logic for differential-algebraic programs. Alumni. The following is a. Thesis: Universal graphs at. Advisor: André Platzer First positions: Google Research Daniel Rodriguez Thesis: Models of ℝ. Looking for Sarah Loos ? PeekYou's people search has 32 people named Sarah Loos and you can find info, photos, links, family members and more. Ph.D. thesis, Department of Computing Science Platzer, A., Quesel Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems. Discuss the internet and forest conservation andre platzer thesis regulatory affairs. Uk can take a thesis on the phoenix book reviewswhere is too much on child to.


andre platzer thesis